It was 2:30 in the morning. You were getting ready to go to work. You have worked at 7/11 for a couple of months. You left the house at 2:50. It was dark and chilly. It was only 30 out. By the time yoi got there, one of your co-workers that worked before you did, was getting ready to head off. Now it was only you. You have brought a bagel with you because then you will be hungry of course. At 3:20, some guy came in. He was making weird noises. You felt sad for him because you might of thought that he had a mental issue. Suddenly the guy cane to the counter. He didn't had anything in his hand. He just came to you. But in a weird way. He was looking at the ceiling. You just stand there confused and creeped out. You didn't know what to do. After some time, he left. You were still confused and creeped out. By 6, the next person that worked from 6 to 10 a.m. came in and told you to go home. Two weeks had went by and you hadn't seen that guy since. Until one day you got a phone call. You answered it and you became shocked. The guy that you thought had mentsl issues was on the phone. He was making weird noises. You hanged up immediately. One week later you had a phone call. BOOM. That same guy called you. Made some weird noises. And again you hanged up immediately. You haven't heard him since. One day you went downstairs to the basement to get over your fear (I mean like basements can be the creepiest things in the house you know). Then you saw something that made you freeze and couldn't move one single muscle. You saw the address of the 7/11 you worked at and a poket knife with a note that said " I hAd aN aMaZiNg tImE LiViNg aT YoUr HoUsE :)." You thought about the guy you met at the 7/11. The weird guy. Since he had a mental problem you thought about the hand writing. That's when you figured it out. The weird mental guy has been living in your basement for who knows how long. But he probably left because he got tired of the house and moved out to another. But all that you know, you were safe and probably he, not saying he was going to but like since he was ill, he could of come from the basement and just killed you.

Story is told by mosthated_le


This seems just like a copy of Mr nightmares video, you copied it didn't you ?