Make sure u read pt1 and 2....they r a must!I hope u liked those...
PT 3 here it goes.....

Troy goes and sits next to her...Katniss unusually turned redder than a tomato....
None of them spoke any thing .When the teacher started teaching Troy appeared pretty distracted....He did not pay attention to the teacher but had given a part of his time to checkout Katniss...
The class ends...At that time there is chaos in the class and amongst that chaos a lovely voice says hi troy..
Troy:yes?Oh hi ....u r ....Katniss I suppose......(acts as if he didn't notice her)
(He moves a bit closer to her and tries to shake hands with her)(makes an eye contact)
Katniss:(notices that he had deep violet eyes ie violet was her fav colour so she couldn't turn her gaze away)
There is an announcement that the professor is on leave and the students may disperse....
Katniss stands up goes to the door turns back and looks at Troy and finds his gaze on her.She goes out of the class.
Daniel:hey new girl...would you mind if I showed u the campus(in a flirtatious way )
Katniss:yes I guess .......yes....I would MIND...

Girls gossiping:omg poor dan..she turned one of the hottest boys of the school away ...what attitude..I could die for Daniel...oh shut up.......(creepy giggling)

A senior girl suddenly blocks Katniss's way.

Vanessa :Hey sissy always remember my name.....I'm Snyde....Vanessa Snyde..I'll prove to be your worst nightmare if u try to go any closer to Troy get it?

Katniss:(evil smile)**** u.Go away!

Vanessa :Girls show her who we are!

Katniss:(thinks to herself)(oh no!Worst enemies ...I knew there would be many.....)

Katniss:(in an afraid tone)go away....Snyde I was nt trying on him...please go...

Vanessa:Drag her to the old girls washroom...(demonic laugh)


Story is told by Zendaya


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