It was almost midnight . I was at a camp with my little Sister and elder Brother . Suddenly I heard voices coming from outside of my tent !! Where are your siblings I want to eat them the voice said . I got scared and terrified . I got out of my camp and saw my brother and Sister on a tree hanging. Blood was flowing out . ..............................::::........ As I turned behind I saw a lady standing. She looked at me as if she wanted to eat me . She told me that I was her daughter and I should go with her but I just ran and went into my car and drove away and when I reached home I could not find my mom my dad told that she had gone out to find us but this is still a mystery Now I live with my dad alone in America and we just have no clue what happened that day this is a true story

Story is told by jagriti

Ghost girl 78



It’s Very scary 👏