A little girl was playing hide and seek with her best friend, Laila, at Laila's house.
As the girl dived under Laila's bed, she saw Laila's dairy in a see-through box. Curiously, she took everything out of the box to reach the Diary. As she opened the first page, ink covered her hand from the top corner of the page. 'Whaaat?' She moaned, rubbing her hand on the leg of the bedside table. There were pictures of dead bodies, and pictures of serial killers.
Each one had their own caption.
As she read a caption; "This dead body reminds me of my past life, when I ate humans."
"OH MY GOD!" She whimpered, as quiet as possible, "Laila's parents left me with a psychopath.!!"
Suddenly, something tapped the girl's shoulder.

(Wait for part 2 🙂)

Story is told by ItzJessica

Unknown Problem

Creepy.. I wonder what she was expecting before she found out? 🤔


This is good, keep going

Ghost girl 78

Noooooo it was so good when's part two