It was a late night, and nothing was here. Everything was gone even my fear.

Nothing would scare me not even a deer. Then one night I was sitting, and looking for a good fright.

But my intentions were ruined as I saw a bright light.

I knew it wasn't my friends playing a joke on me cause I could swear they had left.

It was I the closest, but I wasn't scared I knew there was some explanation, for the light that was in their.

I hear a noise and jumped a little, but I still wasn't scared, because I knew that I couldn't be scared not even a little.

I heard a man moan, as I started to laugh, cause I knew it was my best friend in that suit and mask.

He walked up to me and I said "stop fooling around you know I cant be scared, your attempt, has failed so try again next year."

He said nothing not even a peep, he walked up to me as his feet lifted gently off the floor.

He was hovering in the air none the less, he was in front of me, at this time he had his head down.

I looked in amazement at what I saw, but I still wasn't scared it was gone take a lot more than hovering in the air.

I said "stop playing around" and he still said nothing

He looked up and removed the mask. It was a deformed face with his eyes bulging out.

He said " I'm not your friend nor aquatince. I'm here for your fear that you've been hiding in there, and trust me I will get it even if it mean tearing it from out of their."

And he said that I ran up stairs and hid under the bed that was In their.

As he whistles up the stairs and tries to found me, he seeks me out hidden under their.

I got scared as he approached he looked a me and.........

*police report*

Police 1: we have found a body upstairs, their is no damage done to the body
it looked like she was scared to actual death.

Police 2: whatever it was must have left all we see is the closest light on.

Story is told by lowkeycici

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