(This is my take on the poem from Scary stories to tell in the dark).

There was an old woman all skin and bone, who lived hear the church all alone.

She decided to go to church one day, so that she can hear the vicar and pray.

As she walk through the graveyard in style, she decided to sit and rest a while.

She looked about her and suddenly found, a old dead body laying on the ground.

Its skin was rotting from toe to snout, the worms crawled in and worms crawled out.

Its eyes were shrunken and its head was bare, and there was a foul smell floating in the air.

The woman looked at it and said, "Shall I look like that when I am dead?"

And to the woman, the corpse did said. "Yes, you shall look like me when you are dead!"

And to the corpse, the woman said... [insert scream here].

Story is told by Gary Matrix

Ghost girl 78

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There was a song like this we would sing in kindergarten