There was once a very big and very old house just outside of the town. Nobody knew who built it or how long it was there. But everyone knew that it was haunted. So no one stayed there overnight.

That is until one night, a man named Drake was dared to spend the night at the house. He was known to be a man without fear. And it was very difficult for anyone to scare him. So it was common for his friends to try and scare him. This time one of Drake's friends dared him to spend the night at the house. "Stay there all night" they said "and only leave when dawn breaks" And then they gave him a pistol for protection and watched him as he went inside.

This was nothing to Drake. He wasn't going to let anyone or anything scare him. So he went along with the dare. He climbed up the stairs and found a bedroom. It was old and dusty but still suitable. So he got undressed and got into bed. And with that he fell asleep.

Drake woke with a start. He just had an dream about a blank faced thing cashing him. But it was just a dream. So he rolled onto his back and tried to get back to sleep. At least that was what he had hoped for. For no sooner did Drake closed his eyes, he suddenly felt an unearthly presence near him. He opened one eye and scanned the room. Then he saw something that, for the first time in years, made him feel scared.

There was a pair of eyes staring at him from the bottom the bed. A pair of blank, pupil less, dull eyes just hovering inches above the bottom of the bed. Drake couldn't look away. He had never seen anything so terrifying in his life. But he then remembered the pistol. Luckily it was loaded and next to the pillow. So slowly, Drake reached for it, without takeing his eyes off of what ever was starting at him, grabbed it, quickly aimed it at the eyes, shot at both of them, then he screamed.

Now you may be wondering why Drake screamed. Well you would scream too if you shot off both your big toes.

Story is told by Gary Matrix


good one.

Gary Matrix

Thank you


That's awesome

Ghost girl 78

Wow! he went insane because of his dream well played well played also it was really good

Gary Matrix

Thank you.


It was actually pretty funny at the end😁