(Disclaimer: if there is a legend already with that name this one is different no saying I copyrighted Thank you.)

I was walking home late one night when I saw him. A man with no face. I was so confused and yet terrified at the same time. He started to dance creepily over to me. I started to run then he started to crawl really fast. I tried to run with all my life then he caught me. When he caught me he asked me a question. The question was where is my face. If you say idk he will cut of your face. If you try to run away when he has you he'll kill you. But there is only one way to escape the faceless man say I don't have a face. He will be confused and let you go giving you time to escape. So if you ever see The faceless man run and don't look back.

Story is told by Ghost girl 78

Black Cat

Sounds like The SlitMouthed Woman 🤔