Hi I'm Katie and I had live a wonderful life with my family, friends, and my new baby sister. Ahhh yep life is great until he came.

The man in the walls
By: CouchPotato

One day I was teaching my new baby sister how to crawl when I herd tapping coming from the wall. I was little scared so I ran downstairs and told my mom what happened.
'Mom, I heard tapping in the wall.'
'It must have been you imagination, said the mom. '
'But it wasn't! I said and yet she still didn't believe me. When it was time to go to bed I was really scared, so I asked my parents if I could sleep in their room. They said no, because "I had to be brave". While I was laying in my room I heard 1 tap 2 taps 3 taps then 4 taps. After the 4 taps a man started bursting through the wall! He ripped through the boords and the wallpaper! He face was so ugly, he had no eyes and his mouth drip with blood. He was holding a large butcher knife and he kept saying ' come with me into the walls'. As I tried to scream I couldn't, then...........

*police repot: a whole family found dead in their house evidence has been found but killer never caught if you have any information please tell us. *

Story is told by CouchPotato




Needs more things to be scared of