So...I'm back...I know it's been a while but I can't bare to even think about that I go

After 3 years of the visit every single night, I came to the realisation that maybe this thing was doing it to me for a reason?
I know it sounded a bit weird that I had somehow triggered an unnatural creature, but it was a possibility. So the following night I decided to say something to the creature before it got me in its...trance. i said in a quite a loud voice
" What are you! Why are you doing this to me! Why was I chosen?!
"Im sure you've figured out I'm certainly not one of you, I'm a worker of the devil, and soon...You will be too"
It spoke in a very deep, strong voice.
"What do you mean?" I said shakily
" Sell your soul,child I'm sure you will feel this...power that I feel, if you do so, I will disappear but you will become what I am and will be told what I am"
I was scared I hesitated, the one thing I heard in that was I will disappear, so I said the words that soon took my life downhill, as if it wasn't bad enough,
"Okay do it"
Moments later I felt a ghostly hand dig right into my chest and I felt as if something was being pulled out.

I passed out,

When I awoke, I found myself in my room, I saw the mirror, I was that creature...I stood there, but not because of what I was, but because I was trying to comprehend the power that was surfing through me.

I love looking at the scared faces of the children that I torture. I love paying them a quick late night....Visit

Story is told by XxAnonymousxX