Once I was babysitting for a girl named Samantha. She was a "sweet child" and loved it when I came over. Well one day Samantha's parents wanted me to take care of Samantha and their new baby. They said they would pay me double so I said ok and they left. Samantha wanted me to give her some food, so I asked what do you want? She said, I want leftover crakers. I said, ok. Where are the crakers? Samantha said, in the living room. So I went to the living room and I saw a siloute of a man on the TV screen so I thought the TV was on. But then I realized that siloute was getting closer so I became a little scared. I told Samantha, go into her room and take her baby sister. When she went upstairs I called the police and told them about the man.They said they would be on thier way. When they got to the house they told me they found no foot prints in the snow. But the police where horrified when the found this. They told me that the foot prints where inside the house. He was inside the house the whole time!

*police report states: two children where found with knives sticking out of there body. The case still goes on about the stab marks. Please if you have any information please dial 180******** Thank you.

Creater: First story! OMG I am so excited hope its good! Its based of a story I read see yah in the next story bye hoomans.

Story is told by Kennedy the potato


But there is this window instead of the TV whatsoever


Well I've read a similar story on this app

Kennedy the potato

I know the story is a little boring I will try to do better on the next story.