Dave picks the knife up he inhales deeply, then exhales. "Ksh" The knife plunged into Dave's heart, killing him instantly. The monster flipped around swiftly, he saw Dave's dead body and punched the wall. Anger rose in him, he had enough, he was hungry and he was going to eat. He stormed out of the sewer pipes and walked down the side of the stream. "Joe! It's a monster, look!" The monster dove into the stream, unnoticed by the couple. "Carrie, what are you talking about? Theres nothing here don't worry" "B..b..but i know i saw so, Ahh!" With a sudden strike the monster clawed Carrie's leg like a rake, dragging her into the stream. Joe didn't hesitate, he jumped right after the monster, landing on it's back and dragging all of them underwater. Carrie gasped just coming up above the water, "Joe? Joe? Joe where are you?" She kept looking around, but nothing appeared. She decided to go get help, she swam go shore and ran, not looking back. When she finally arrive at the police station, she explained what happened and her boyfriend needed immediate help. The police got a team of 5 and set out to go find Joe, when they arrived they saw the monster eating Joe alive. One police shot at the monster, "Rawr!" The monster roared, he slashed and clawed at the police. Finally one man grabbed a switch, "I'm sorry for this.." "Tick...tick...ticktick..tick.. pooosh" The whole strean exploded, killing the police, Joe, and the monster. Carrie was still at the station, worrying she started thinking what to do.

Voting Time!
Vote 1: Carrie stays at the station
Vote 2: Carrie calls Joe's cell phone
Vote 3: Carrie goes down to the stream

Story is told by Chicken Ari



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One Ari just one cause she'll realize that her bf would be dead