Plot: In 1985, Three Strangers Uncover The Truth Of The Murder Of One Of The Strangers Sister.

Anastasia: Nobody Knows Why. Nobody Knows What Happened. But Everyone Knows Who Did It. Well They Think. In Began In 1985, Where It Still Was The Cold War, And Everyone Listened To Madonna. But For Me It Was The Year I Was Framed For The Murder Of My Sister

Walter: *Puts File Down. I Think You Three Know Why You're Here
David: No
Walter: *Grabs Photos*. What Do You Three Have To Say About Melanie Marcotte's Murder
Anastasia: Im Sorry What
Walter: Everyone Thinks You Murdered Melanie Marcotte
Austin: I Don't Know What Is Going On But I Nevered Murdered Someone Before
Walter: We'll See For Ourselves Then
*15 Minutes Later*
Anastasia: So What Do You Both Do For A Living
Austin: Im A Bartender
Anastasia: A Bartender
Austin: Yeah. I Seen You Before
Anastasia: Really
Austin: Yeah. Saw You On The Sidewalk Last Month. You Really Punched A Girl In The Face
Anastasia: Im Anastasia. Anastasia Marcotte
Austin: Austin. Austin Bateman
Anastasia: And Im Guessing This Guy Over There Is A Businessman
David: Wrong Im A Executive Producer. David Burns By The Way. So Who Was This Girl You Punched
Anastasia: Some Girl Who Picks On Me At School
David: Oh
Walter: *Walks In Room*. You Are Free To Go
*2 Days Later*
Allison: Hey Marcotte
Anastasia: *Walks Away*
Allison: Where You Going Marcotte
Cheryl: She Asked You A Question
Anastasia: Leave Me Alone
Allison: And You Will Be Left Alone
Cheryl: Pushes Anastasia*
Anthony: *Honks Horn*. Get In
Anastasia: *Gets Up*. *Gets In Car*. *Walks In House*
Meadow: Annie
Anastasia: Hey Meadow
Meredith: *Drinks Beer*
Anastasia: *Goes To Room*. *Does Homework*
Phone: *Rings*
Anastasia: *Picks Up Phone*. Hello. Hello
Melanie: *Makes Creepy Noises*
Anastasia: *Hangs Up*
Phone: *Rings Again*
Meredith: Hey Dumb Blonde Come Downstairs For Dinner
*Later That Day*
Donna: *Kisses Austin*
Austin: Donna Your So Sexy
Donna: Yes I Know
Phone: *Rings*
Austin: *Walks To Phone*. Hello. Hello
Melanie: *Makes Creepy Noises*
Austin: *Hangs Up*
Phone: *Rings Again*
David: *Eats Dinner*
Phone: *Rings*
David: Hello. Hello
Melanie: *Makes Creepy Noises*
David: *Hangs Up*
Phone: *Rings Again*
David: *Sees Note*. You Will All Die
*To Be Continued*

Story is told by JasOf1920

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