The night a random girl texted me......ok soo I was at my friends house filming a video and a girl texted me i was like who’s this so I texted them back saying who’s this ok then they were like me I said who’s me then they sent me a picture THAT was the girl that winked at me yesterday at the party and I was freaking out then they called me I hanged up they would not stop calling then I finally answered and they said I am coming then I heard a knock at the door I said oh I have to go but it was her she had a knife in her hand she said you can run but you can’t hide we went up stairs and jumped out the back door and ran home I never saw her again she got killed by a car but somehow she still text me! true story and hope ya liked it the end

Story is told by izzy132

can't think of one

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Sorry but it kinda okay


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