I was walking down an abandoned alley when I heard a voice. It sounded like a girl and it was coming from further down the alley. I ran down to see what was up. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a girl who looked like she was about to die. Her face and hands were covered in blood and she was looking at me as though begging for help. I immediately ran to her. She was in a very critical condition so I called 911. "911, what is your emergency?". " I just found a girl who is about to die down an abandoned alley near Hadley Avenue. I need an ambulance ASAP", I said. They said the ambulance would be there in 10 minutes. "Hold on", I said to the girl whose head was in my lap.
*Skip the ride to the hospital*
They had taken the girl to the operation theater. I was sitting in the waiting room while the police who had been called in by the hospital staff, attempted to contact the girl's family.
Suddenly, the door opened. A woman stood there. She had light brown hair, similar to the girl's. I supposed this woman was her mother. The woman immediately hugged me. "Thank you so much for saving my daughter! I feel like I can't thank you enough!", she said. I said it was nothing and that I was just glad she was okay. She sat down and we waited for the girl to come out of the OT. And waited. And waited. Finally, an elderly looking nurse came in. "Mrs.Avery?". The woman stood up. "Congratulations! Your daughter is okay now. You can see her after talking to the doctor", the nurse said.

Author's Note:
I know that this chapter isn't supposed to end like this but I'm getting too tired to write. Will update chapter 2 later

*To be continued*

Story is told by Passion

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I loved it❤ also good job it kept me on the edge of my seat.


I know this isn't horror/spooky yet but it will be as the story goes on.