- this story is true -

It was late and I was letting the dogs out for the last time. I walked around the yard waiting for missy and prince to get done and suddenly they stopped, Ears perked I looked around for what they where hearing but I didn't see anything

Then there was a voice, Of a man maybe 40-50 something? "Hello? Hello anyone?? " he said and the dogs instantly started barking and howling, I tried to get them quite before they woke the other 9 dogs that slept silently they're kennels.

I rushed missy and prince in the house before running outside in the front yard "Hello? Is someone out there?! Do you need help?? " there was no response so I went and told my mom she looked terrified and went upstairs as quickly as she could (witch wasn't very fast due to her being pregnant)

She called out just as I had. Still nothing
So dad went outside and walked around the block. Still nothing and after a while they gave up "I hope whoever is out there is ok, Its 4 degrees outside they'll die if they stay out to long" mom said and went back downstairs

I still don't know who was calling out that night but it creeps me out

Story is told by ALPHA

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I was calling you but I used a voice changer app.