"Ack" Jack got a sudden strike in his chest, he fell to the ground holding his chest. Mary was going to help him but, she also fell to the ground. They both died, right there, at that very moment, laying in the cold sewer water. "Oof!" Face planting, Dave landed straight in a pile of meat, dead meat, "Human meat?" The Monster opened his mouth and showed his pearly whites, smiling. "Wait is your teeth hair, like a whale?" "Errr" Dave started crawling away but, the monster picked him up with one hand, and knocked him unconscious with an old toy. "Drag..clunk..drag..clunk.." The monster dragged him to his hideout, he tied Dave to a table. "Ahhh! Where am I?" He screamed, "Where do you want to be?" "Disneyland, I've always wanted to go there!" The monster pulled his claws out, "I'll bring you there then" "Really? Tha- Gahhh!!" He started choking on his own blood, blood rushed out of his chest, raked open by claws. The monster started laughing with cruelty, he saw his chance, a knife right next to the table. Dave picks the knife up....

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Vote 1: Dave stabs the monster
Vote 2: Dave stabs himself
Vote 3: Dave cuts himself free
Vote 4: Dave puts it back down

Story is told by Chicken Ari

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