This is the most tragic thing that has ever happened to me, I only just vividly remember it. This is the the first time I'm telling anyone in full detail

I remember when I was just 7 or 8 my dad wasn't home, he had to go on a business trip so it was just me and my mum. One night I couldn't get to sleep, it was about 2am, this was when I felt it, a skinny hand touching me, at first I thought it was my mum, but this, this...thing is all I can describe it as, it...tortured me it did undescribable things, I tried screaming I tried crying but it was as if I was under a trance, I could only move and that's it, I couldn't walk out the door because if I tried it threatened to hurt my mother. It made me cut myself, it visited every night, by the time I was 10 I was really depressed.

I can't carry on right now I'm trying to....recover I'll be back soon to carry on this...visit

Story is told by XxAnonymousxX