The knife..its getting closer..h-help... 😓

It was always trapped in the kitchen room...not a soul would touch it. Why would we? Unless it was used for cooking what was the use. My mother thought she taught us well, never cut. Well she taught most of em well. Not me, i was always the weird one they say. I was a happy but a weird girl still am i guess you can say..just not happy. Im constantly sad, depressed, misarable, the usual i call it now. I ask myself now "why dont i just end it." , i wouldnt though. Not yet anyways. Being different might be normal but we all face this on different levels. We all have pain tolerences physically and emotionally but i guess i got unlucky since i cant take much pain before i crack. And you may be thinking, why is this story named "cuts." Its because this is a story about what leads people to cutting, depression and more. Its hard. And for people who say "Why dont you just stop." , you cant just stop. ;-; Its addictive.. anyways part 2 of this? idrc if not

Story is told by čľļwķwăřđ

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Part 2 please

Long John

I'd make some stupid joke i f u didn't know any better.... But shit like this happens to my friends all the time. They cut once and then they keep cutting until they run out if room on that arm. Then they go to the next arm or leg or there back or chest.... It kills me when I read about shit like this because I know it's true.


Pt 2❤️💙