"Drip...Drip..." Water seeped from the faucet into the sink "Man, I wish I knew where the water goes after the pipes" "They go into the sewers! Are you an idiot Dave?" Dave opened his mouth to reply, but he just walked out of the room. "Knock knock. Y'all gonna open the door or let me wait in the cold?" "Mary, we've missed ya." Jack said while opening the door. "Of course you did, what would you do without me?" Jack chuckled, "Mary!" "Dave, how have you been" Mary hugged Dave, "Good. Hey Mary I was wondering, do you want to go to the sewers with me?" "Dave are you serious! Do you know whats even in the sewers?" Dave thought for a second then replied, "Of course Jack, my toy I dropped before down the sink!" Mary chuckled, "Of course, I'd never miss out on another adventure with you both" "Great let's go, you coming Jack?" Jack sighed, "Fine, I'm going to kill you later for this" Dave Smiled, "I'll be counting on it" When they all finished packing and getting changed, they head out and hiked to the sewers. "Ew, why does it smell so bad?" "Dave, remember when I said water from the sink comes to the sewers?" "Yeah?" "Well, what does the sink and the toilet have in common?" Dave about spoke, then realized the pipes. "Quit y'all yapping and lets just go in!" Mary headed into the sewer first, then Dave followed behind, with Jack moping behind. Suddenly, they heard a clanking sound. "Wha-" "It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!" Dave interrupted Jack. "You have got to be kidding me Dave, it's probably just a rat!" Dave smirked, he knew he was right. "Let's go check it out to find out then, I think the sound's coming from this way" Mary sprinted through the farthest left turn, with the boys struggling to catch up. Mary stopped dead in her tracks, wide eyed, staring infront of her. Jack ran into Mary, "Mary why'd you st-" He looked infront of Mary, there stood a 6 foot, furry, ugly creature. Dave finally caught up, he ran into someone. "Jack your so hairy when did you last shave?" He heard a low growl, he looked up, screaming he ran through a tunnel. Mary and Jack stayed frozen, while the monster chased Dave through a different tunnel.

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Story is told by Chicken Ari





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