Taylor and i was playing in the yard and then Taylor went inside I was outside it was dark and I was sitting on the porch and then I seen a shadow on the other side of the porch and the I go to see what it was and the it disappeared into the dark and then I go in side because it was cold and then I go to my room and lay down for an hour and I wake up and see it again and I go over to my closet and see what it was it was nothing there so next day I go to the library and get a book on the house and two people died in the house so I go to the house and my little disappeared so I go look for her and find her and the she said Sissy I seen an old man and he said this is my house get out so I told her to get her stuff and get whatever she need out of the house and we left the house and every since then we have never seen the shadow again.

Story is told by lilbug


Just lay off of her she new




Most incredible one sentence horror story.


Grammar is incorrect....otherwise it's okay..