*Doorbell Rings*
Ryan: *Opens Door*
Randy: Hey Ryan
Ryan: Hey This Must Be Your Daughter
Beth: Yes I Am Get Over It
Randy: Beth What Did We Talk About
Ryan: Jane's Upstairs
Beth: Ok Whatever
*Jane's Room*
Jane: *Watches The Sopranos*
Ryan: *Opening Doors*. Jane
Jane: What
Ryan: What Did We Talk About Your Too Young To Watch The Sopranos
Jane: But It Has James Gandolfini. What Do You Want Anyway
Ryan: Um Beth's Here
Jane: Great The Party Crasher's Here
Ryan: Be Nice I'm Going To The Bar. You And Beth Get Along
*20 Minutes Later*
Beth: *Listens To No More Baby (I'm Gonna Do It Right) By 3LW While Doing Art*
Jane: *Grabs Beth's Artbook And Two Pencils*
Beth: Hey I Was Using That
Jane: *Goes Into The Bathroom And Locks Door*
Beth: *Knocks On The Door* Open This Door
Jane: *Lights Candle*. *Writes Yes And No On Paper*. *Puts Pencils On Top Of Each Other*
Beth: *Walks Back To Jane's Room*
Jane: Charlie Charlie Are You There. Charlie Charlie Are You There. CHARLIE CHARLIE ARE YOU THERE
Pencil: *Moves To Yes*
Jane: *Stares At Paper*
Ghost: Hello Jane
Jane: *Blows Out Candles*. * Turns On Light*
Scary Figure: *Chokes Jane*
Jane: *Coughs*
Sink:*Turns On By Itself*
Scary Figure: *Turns Jane Around*. *Grabs Knife*
Jane: *Screams*
Scary Figure: *Stabs Jane*
Jane: *Pushes Scary Figure Off Me*. *Opens Door*. *Starts Crying*
Door: *Closes By Itself*
Door: *Closes By Its*
Light: *Turns Off By Itself*
Jane: *Goes On Wall*
Pamela: *Appears In Front Of Jane*
Jane: *Screams*
Pamela: *Possesses Jane*
Jane: *Eyes Turn White*
Beth: Jane. *Walks Out Of Jane's Room*.
Ryan: Were Home
Randy: *Goes Upstairs*. *Walks In Attic*
Jane: *Writes Creepy Stuff In Russian*
Randy: *Sees Jane*
Jane: *Walks Out Of Attic*
Ryan: Hey Sweetie
Jane: *Ignores Ryan*
Randy: *Grabs Paper*
Ryan: What's That
Randy: Something Jane Wrote
Ryan: I Don't Understand It
Randy: Cause Its Russian
Ryan: Beth
Beth: What
Ryan: Did You See Jane Writing This
Beth: No
Ryan: *Goes Downstairs*. Jane
Jane: Yes Daddy
Ryan: Jane Who Did This
Jane: *Gets Up*. I'll Show You. *Opens Cabinet And Grabs Ouija Board*
Ryan: *Sits Down*
Jane: Hold Hands
Ryan: *Holds Hands With Jane And Randy*
Randy: *Holds Hands Will Ryan And Beth*
Beth: *Holds Hands With Randy And Jane*
Jane: Mommy Are You Here
Ouija Board: *Moves To Yes*
Ryan: *Gets Up From Chair
*To Be Continued*

Story is told by JasOf1920


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