This story is for all the loners out there who feel like they aren't loved. Just keep looking.

You'll find that special someone.

December 12, 2011
new York, New York

Izzy was a normal stay at home mom. She graduated 1st in her class, she had gotten her bachelors degree from Hartford and she had two children, Ajax and Lucy. Ajax(10) and Lucy(10) were twins. One day Izzy decided that she would take Ajax and Lucy to the movies because they had been doing well in school, so she woke the children up and got them ready to start the day. She hurried the kids out the door and into the car. Unfortunately, the family only got about two blocks until tragedy struck.... Izzy had stopped at a four way intersection. She looked back at her kids, who were sitting in the middle row of the mini van, messing with each other. Izzy looked back ahead just in time for the red light to turn green. She pulled forward in the intersection when a drunk driver sped out into the intersection and slammed into the right side of her mini van. She woke up seconds later to the sound of paramedics trying to revive Lucy. Then, there's black

I know this story is absolute shit but don't worry, I can assure you the parts might be better.

Your friendly neighborhood fukboi,

~Long Johnson~

Story is told by Long John


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This is great! Where is part 2?!

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Part 2 will be released soon.


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