Plot: Set In 2000, Ryan Is A Single Father Who Loses His Wife Pamela After A Car Accident. After His Daughter Jane, An 11 Year Old Who's Bullied Everyday And Is Troubled, Gets In A Fight With Beth, She Is Forced To Spend The Rest Of The Week With Her. Jane Becomes Possessed After Playing Charlie Charlie, Leaving Ryan To Call Paranormal Investigators Before The Angry Spirit Takes Over Jane's Body Forever

Priest: Dearly Beloved We Gather Here Today For The Funeral Of Pamela Cartman. We Have Such Fond Memories Of Her And Will Be Missed. Whether You Knew Her Or Not Pamela Was Always There. Were Sorry For Your Loss Ryan

Ryan: Jane Sweetie Wake Up
Jane: Your Going To Have To Make Me
Ryan: *Pulls Jane Out Of Bed*. Get In The Car.
Jane: * Gets In Car*
Dad: *Drives To School* Behave Yourself
Jane: Whatever. *Gets Out Of Car*
Jack: Ok Class Who Can Tell Me The Formula Of A Triangle
Jane: *Raises Hand*
Jack: Jane
Jane: Base Times Height Divided By 2
Jack: That Is Correct
Beth: *Whispers* The Only Reason She's Smart Is Because Her Mom Taught Her This
Cassandra: *Whispers* Oh Wait Her Mom Is Dead *Laughs*
Jack: Is Something Going On Here
Beth: No Mr. Archer
Jack: Jane Is There A Problem With You And These Girls
Jane: No Sir
Jack: I'm Sorry About Ms. Arthur And Spade Cause They Will Be Thinking About You While There Doing There Extra Homework
Jane: *Turns Around And Stares At Beth*
Beth: *Mouths* Your Dead
*Bell Rings For Recess*
Jane: *Sits On Bench*
Beth: Hey Cartman
Jane: *Gets Up From Bench*
Beth: Where Are You Going Jane
Cassandra: She Asked You A Question
Jane: Leave Me Alone
Beth: No Wonder You're Mom Left You And Your Father
Jane: *Punches Beth*
Beth: Oww. *Starts Crying*
Jane: *Pushes And Kicks Her*
Students: Fight Fight Fight Fight
Jack: Hey Hey. *Grabs Jane*. You Coming With Me.
*Principals Office*
Ryan: Jane This Is Your 3rd Fight This Year
Jane: Its Just A Fight And I Don't Even Care
Principal: Due To This Incident Jane Will Have A 4 Day Suspension
Jane: But This Week Is The Haunted School House
Principal: Well Maybe You Shouldn't Have Beaten Up Beth
Ryan: And That Is Not Your Only Punishment. You And Beth Will Spend An Entire Weekend At Our House
Ryan: Well That Is Your Fault. You Beaten Up A Classmate Now You Must Face The Consequences
Jane: *Grabs Bag*
Ryan: I Did Not Say We Can Leave. Jane. JANE
Jane: *Opens Door*. I Hate You
Ryan: *Grabs Stuff*
*To Be Continued*

Story is told by JasOf1920