🎶Running around in circles
Getting so dizzy about to fall down
Watching everyone spin around me
Until we all go down

If im gonna go down, then your gonna go down with me
Love is such a strong word, so is hate but I have to chose one to keep and one to throw away

Keep getting back up
About to just stay down
But I'm not going to be defeated
Just keep trying and trying and trying until you stand back up

Not going to let them knock me down
Not going to let them defeat me
Not going to let them hurt me
Once I stand back up, I'm not going to be able to be knocked down again

Stay up, stay strong, know the difference from right and wrong
Don't let them keep on pushing you down
Always gonna fight back
Always gonna leave a mark
Always gonna make sure I'm stronger than I ever was before

Don't let them harm you
Don't let them inside
Always be the watcher not the one being watched
Take action, don't just let it go on and on

Don't fear them
It will only make it worse
Leave a mark, even if it means your the one being feared🎶

Lyrics By: Lauren Forrest
About the song: This song was written using metaphors that I hope you can all understand.

Story is told by 💄Lipgloss💄




\"If im gonna go down your gonna go down with me\" Reminds me of a time i got pushed so i dragged this boy who i was talking to down as well. We both got badly hurt 😂