It was Saturday afternoon and i was with my family in the backyard partying..
I had to go to the loo so i left them and headed towards the toilet..
After doing my business in the loo,i came to the kitchen to get a soft drink for me

There near the fridge,a strange man was looking for something in the fridge and he didnt even notice me on the counter..

I thought that he might be a poor begger so i left without doing anything and telling nobody..

Soon about night time my dad found out that there was a stranger in the house roaming around with a sharp knife in his hand ..
Like a psycho

Dad told us to stay outside while his gonna go inside and make the stranger go away while mom called the cops..

After 2 hours the cops came in the house and took the stranger in custody and soon he was jailed for killing my father.

My dad was murdered and he took out his eyes and cut his tongue..

We moved on and settled on neworleans town ..
Soon the cops came to us for protection because the stranger ran out of jail ..
Cops said that the stranger wants to kill mom and me...
He will not stop..
At night in my bedroom,i heard some noise of the banging door and mom barged in my bedroom door and locked it..
She came to me and warmed me in her arms,while we could hear footsteps coming closer to my bedroom..

I looked outside the window and saw that the cops were killed..
The stranger started banging on the door and it became louder..
Mom held me in her arms and kissed my forehead ..
'I will always love you forever,'she cried and hid me inside the bedsheets..

She shouted to him and burst open he door with a sharp knife in his hand..

His eyes were filled with blood and his face was like a creature not human..

He cut my mom's neck and she fell on the floor dead..

The stranger came closer to me and smiling..He dropped the knife,his hands covered in blood and tears started to fall from his eyes..He sat infront of the bedsheets and stared at me when i removed the bedsheets..

"Shayashta,"he cried and hugged me..
"Who r u?,"i asked and he smiled..
"Im your dad,"he said and wiped the blood off his face
"They took you away from me,"he said and held my right hand to take me with him..
I walked out of the house with my real dad..but i didnt know that why would mom and dad take me from a stranger..
Maybe they adopted me and left without telling him..
Many years has past and the stranger is not even dying as he is 79 now and im 27 now..

He is sitted on his rocking chair and staring at me write this..abnormal behavior of him..

I was only 8 years old when he killed my parents and took me away..

Something can't be forgotten..

Story is told by Shayashta Stallone