My life would always end with fun until i met him..Ash... i was sitted on the cafeteria all alone when he joined me with his pretty charming face.we became close friends and hanged out every day..

He had no enemies but one of his own friend tried to cheat on him.
That night when i was about to take a shower in my apartment, suddenly the lights went out and i couldn't see so i took a shower in the dark but still i felt like someone was watching over me ..

I didnt care more but got dressed after my shower. I called Ash to come over cuz something didnt feel right for me in the dark..

I looked for the main switch and found it along with a head tied to a rope in there.
The lights came back and i saw Ash's head there,dripping blood on the floor.

His friend Nick walked in with a chainsaw and threw it on the sofa while staring at my whole body from up to down.

He was not in his sense the way he stared at me and came more closer with blood stains on his shirt and pants...

Nick was out of his mind and he started to take off his clothes as each step he took..

I became more scared and headed towards my bedroom but i couldnt make it cause he tied the rope to my legs when i was taking a shower..

He licked his lips and came even more closer...



Chapter 2...soon 💀💀

Story is told by Shayashta Stallone

Lovely Tragedy *Izzy the Physco*

It’s really good but lots of grammar mistakes...

Shayashta Stallone



Awesome! Can't wait for chapter 2!!