🎶Singing by the ocean
Dancing in the water
Watching the seagulls pass by
Sitting right beside my favorite guy
Listening to the winds howell

Thinking about the past
Trying to move forward but my mistakes and my regrets just push me back
Shoved up against a wall
Trying not to think at all

Don't know who to go to
Don't know what to do
Can't think about where my soul will lead me next
Don't understand why I'm here
Don't understand what i fear

Staring at the ground wondering why he chose me
I'm not special in any way
I'm just like any other girl
Not much to know about me
Not much to see around me

Staring at the sky wondering what's wrong with me
Im bad at doing simple tasks and sometimes i feel like hiding behind a mask
I'm not very talented
I'm not very creative but I'm glad he chose me

What we have is something special
What we have is something unique
I guess we are who we are and we shouldn't change that for the world
Let's walk through hell and back together not letting them make us weak🎶

Lyrics By: Lauren Forrest
About Song: As I was mid writing this song, it opened my eyes and made me really grateful for what I have and what I've accomplished in my life so far. I hope this song will make you realize that everyone is amazing in their own way and don't let others get to you, because half the time, it's none of their business.

Story is told by 💄Lipgloss💄




Btw great song


Hell and back...ever watched Supernatural? The Winchesters have been to Hell and back...like literally.