I opened my laptop to finish an email that must be sent tomorrow morning but then i saw an unfamiliar folder it said "Jane", i never named a single folder like that, when i opened it, it was a word document, a letter... i started to read it

"Dear Jane,

I hope you are enjoying your life now...i just wanted to tell you this, if you are asking who i am, i am your father's friend, when your father died, he told me to safeguard you with my life...well, i think i was successful

Oh, i remember when you were little, you had those small legs with you and you were walking like a panda, so cute, i remember when you were in your crib, i was guarding you from the dark corner, then you saw me, you had the cute smile,
I remember aswell that i used to play with you when your mother is gone, you loved Ms. Hunny, your favorite friend, the doll with blue eyes and beautiful dress, we would always have a tea party...you made me wear a party hat because it was Murphy's birthday, your brown bear friend, its just that we dont play as long because your mother arrives minutes later,

At night, you frequently go to a position where your forcing your arm down, so i will arrange your position, did you know you cried so loud but your mother didnt hear you because she was gardening, you lost your pacifier, i looked everywhere only to find it stuck under your pillow, i would also jingle your jingle balls and you will laugh,cute laugh

But sometimes, something else is trying to take you, Mr.Whiskers, but you didnt have to worry about anything because i was there

6 yrs old you were, you could walk straight and fast, you told your mother about me, she believed i was your imaginary friend,
And the day in the supermarket, your mom was choosing your milk and you were in the cart sitting, you made the cart move, then the cart accelerated, and you were about to hit an old woman, i turned the cart to the shelves but i used my back so that you wont hit the shelf, your mother cried that day

I love our tea party's, and at night, when your mom fell asleep, i remember you cant sleep without a bedtime story, oh, i had to read your favorite, little red riding hood, i started doing that everyday, your mother fell in the stairs, she tripped and started rolling down like a barrel, i used my body as a pillow, and you asked your mom if you could do that as well, i giggled at how innocent you were, i loved when we pranked your babysitters, no babysitter lasted our duo, you would act scared and i would act like a monster and start to scare you babysitters, i remember their screams and shrieks and how they told your mother about a ghost

You were 9 yrs old that time, you fell asleep while doing your assignment,i had to finish it, and then when you came home from school, she was happy that you got perfect in your assignment, i remember when you were rocking the chair in the dining table and you almost flipped, i grabbed the chair as fast as i can, i was so worried, you said thank you, and then your mother said if you were talking to your imaginary friend, you said yes, oh...

12 yr old, you stopped playing with me, its like you dont know me anymore, i stayed in the dark corners more frequently, and do your missed assignments, when you wake up in the morning, i prepare you breakfast without your mother noticing, i was happy that you were having fun with your friends

15, you brought your boyfriend home, your mom was at work, i didnt like him, he was a bad influence, he forced you to smoke, swear, he was a jerk, i remember he offered you to have sex and you said no, but you kissed for a few moment and he asked again and you said no again, he pushed you to your couch, and started unzipping his and your pants, when you tried to fight back he hitted you, you cried, and my anger, im sorry i wasnt able to hold it back, i that 4 inches wound that i gave him wasnt back, i threw furnitures at him and shouted like a mad man, i ran crying mommy, but you were mad at me, you remembered me...
I was at the corner, you started throwing your stuff at me, everything you can touch, but when you fell asleep, i covered that bruise he gave you or else you mom will get mad

17 you were, the last time i saw you, about to leave for collage, your mom crying, i checked on you on the college, you were fine and happy

20, you went back home, today...i just wrote this letter because i was running out of time, i am happy to serve you, happy to guard you, happy to fullfill my promise...this is goodbye jane,i hope you are happy, im going towards the light, tears streaming down my face as i was writing this...dont worry, i will still be guarding you from the sky, me and your father, goodbye...

Your imaginary friend,
Private Hawkins"

I cried as i closed my laptop, i showed my mom, tears started to stream down her face, she prayed, i asked her who is Hawkins
She replied," Hawkins, that boy, your father found him sleeping next to a garbage and then your father adopted him, he was 9 at that time and your father was 20, your father invited him to be a soldier at 16, that boy was loyal to your father until your father died in a battle at the age of 34, he died together with your father...your father ordered him something, guard you...you were 3 yrs old that time, it broke me hard,i was thinking on how to tell you...i cant believe this all happened"

We hugged each other and and looked up at the sky
It was a clear day

Story is told by ImWatchinYou


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