I got a room on an old apartment for 20 dollars, the other rooms required 65 dollars and its the same anyways, when i first stepped into the room it felt comfy yet strange but it had free stuff tho

One of my new neighbors told me that this apartment is haunted, but i wasnt a fan at paranormal activities,not saying i am scared but i just dont believe those stuff

It was night time, i had to sleep for work tomorrow, but as i was drifting to sleep a cold hand held my left feet, i looked hastely and nothing was there, and the feeling is gone, so i tried to sleep again and finally i did sleep

"Wake up"

Said by a whisper to my ear, i woke up, i was very tensed at thinking who that was, i was all alone, it cant be a ghosts, ghosts arent real, i looked at the clock and it was 2:50 in the morning, i went out for a walk to release my nervousness towards what happened, i dressed up, i locked the door and left

It was a cold starry night, snows were falling into my coat, i enjoyed walking, silent,peaceful, and when i looked at the my watch and it was 4:30am, been out for too long

As i walked in the pavements back, and went to my room, my neighbors were gathered up and was knocking at my door, they were shouting, " bro, quit the noise!"
They were like a loud mob preparing to kill someone,the landlord saw me and was shocked, i asked whats happening and they all stared at me...

"Who is in your room?"

Said by a woman, i replied noone, they told me that something was dragging chains around my room, and that someone is messing in my room, it caused alot of noise to them, but when i tried to listen...noone

Later in that morning my neighbor told me a story, it was about the last occupant before me, he was found dead in his bed scratches around his body, his face crushed, his bed was soaked with blood, noone knows how, he was a very nice man, my neighbor said,later that peaceful morning, its night again, i kept thinking about what my neighbor told me and what happened, my stuff was all fine, but there was scratches in my floor, i was paranoid but was still able to drift to sleep


I woke up to the sound, froze in my bed thinking what did i just hear, i concluded that it was my neighbors above, i looked at the clock, 2:59...strange

My bedroom door opened, i knew what was that sound, it was loud footsteps...my bed was facing the door, as i looked in my opened door, i saw a figure, a man, his face...no...scra-scratches? Wait no, he stood there for a good 1 minute when i heard chains, chains being dragged, the man was still there...but there was someone else in his back, i could only see through my naked eyes, it was dark, and the man was still standing there, the chains stopped, i went with something i never have done before, believe in ghost, we stared at each other...no, he didnt have eyes, but he started to move his arm, he pointed his fingers in my closet, the clanging of chains again occured, i dont know why he pointed in my closet, but when i stared back, he was gone, and it was a different person...shattered face...broken arms...right leg was back wards...he had chains in his arms and legs, he came nearer...nearer...nearer, i couldnt move, my body froze because of fear, the clanging of chains, the clogged cough of ny future assailant

I now know why he pointed at my closet...HIDE

Story is told by ImWatchinYou