(This was from my old account, i renewed it)

My new neighbor moved in right next to mine, our house looks alike since we had the same landlord, i wanted to greet him but he was about to go out with his friends so i didnt bother, he left all the lights in his house and locked the door and then left

Later that night, i was suprised, i heard my front door open...lights started to open, flurried thoughts came to my mind making me more anxious
"Murderer?""robber?"crazy person"

I heard the dull footsteps of a tired person, or rather a twisted one, footsteps came closer to my door,i hid under my bed, i had no light source to see my doom, my death, i froze there when my door opened, it was a man, i cant see the face since it was dark, he came closer and closer, i was peeping to see, it lunged into my bed, heavy weight brought me down, he felt i was under the bed, he came up, when he was about to look under, i grabbed his feet, pulling him to the ground, it was a man to man, being an average teenager vs a buff teenager was quite a battle, as crawled to punch him in the face, i recognized him...

He was my new neighbor, he too was shocked at seeing me, i asked him," what are you doing at my house!?"
He replied," wait what, isnt this my house?"
He had a genuine reaction of fear and confusion, he was no threat, i helped him back up, he rushed to my window to see the other house...his house, all lit up with a figure standing in the window facing him, he immediately called 911 and he said sorry to me, he thought this was his house becuz he turned off all lights and we both had no marks of differentiation, he also said that someone was at his window so he thought it was not his house

When the police arrived noone was found, the door was completely locked when they came, i was only suprised a little, but i knew something like this would happen...

A man was shot by the owner because he thought it was his house, my house

Story is told by ImWatchinYou