It was April 13th. I just started collage and just moved into a sorority. Now this was no regular sorority. This was gave me chills when I first walked in the door. There was a very eerie feeling that flowed threw my body. I felt as if there was something in this house. Something unhuman like. All though there was something knocking in my head telling me to get out I brushed it off my mind and continued. It was then that I was welcomed by a girl named Emily. She was a normal girl as it seemed. Long blonde hair and brown blue eyes. She was very friendly with her welcoming. She had showed me around the sorority. Then she showed me to my room. I shorly after that asked her who my room mate was and she replied with a simple name, cora. that is your room mate. I then turned to Emily and said.. I think I'm going to try and get some rest. It's been a long car drive here. Emily then replied with nothing more but an okay. In the moment Emily turned and said, by the way dinner is at 7:00.. see you then? Sure! I replied. Dinner was in two hours so I didn't mind. I was still able to get a nap in and try to get over this creepy feeling that sent shivers down my spine. I set an alarm on my phone. I then laid down and fell fast asleep. It only seemed like minutes before my alarm for dinner went off. I turned twords the night stand and turned my alarm off. I look up twords the window and within the peak of the curtain I saw the sun had just started to go down. I sat up and got out of bed. I went to my suitcase and got out an outfit so I could change out of my lazy clothes. I put on my blue jeans and red croptop then I put on my fuzzy socks for I felt a very cold chill in the room. I then went to look at the closet and right before I turned on the light there was something in the dark. I slowly backed up and squinted my eyes to try to explain to myself what I was seeing. It was as if a ghost, NO! Not a ghost I said to myself, a demonic dark heated spirit. It had long black legs and long black arms, frizzy black hair, body was so dark you could barely see it. I then turned on the closet light and my body went into shock. He or she or whatever that thing was had disappeared. I noticed a patched hole in the wall. I didn't think much of it. I then went down stairs to find everyone already at the table. "Hope I'm not too late" I said as I sat down. Actually you made it in perfect time Emily had said in a soft gentle voice. When dinner was done I asked Emily where I could get some information on the history of the house. She replied with a easy answer, the local library of course. I then said I have to go.. I'll be back soon. Emily started to feel a bit curious but she ignored it. I then shortly arrived at the local library and asked where I can find the history of the tigers sorority house. The librarian then pointed me to section B1 I walked over to the section to find the first book being the history of the sorority. How lucky I felt I didn't have to look threw all the books on the shelf's. I then immediately opened the book to find when the house was built. The house had been built in the 1900's and owned by a couple, I saw a picture of the couple and felt confused by what I saw. A man and a woman standing next to each other not smiling but almost looked as if they were frowning. Like they were not happy with were they lived. I skipped a couple pages and stopped when I saw the work "suicide" I then began to read the page and to my surprise the page had said that the man man had killed his wife and killed himself shortly after. That explains allot, I said to myself. I then rented rented the book and went back to the sorority house. Only to find the house was dead silent. I had searched down stairs and nothing, no one. I then ran upstairs just to find everyone standing, lined up against the wall chanting something but their voices we're too low to hear. Then they got louder. It was not in English. I had no idea what language they were speaking. They then all started walking twords me. Eyes rolled back inside their heads. ****! I thought to myself as I began to run as fast as I could down the stairs. I then ran to the front door and tried opening it. It was as if someone was holding it shut on the other side of the door. I pulled and pulled but it did not budge. I turned around and everyone was now in front of me. I new I had to make another run for it. But then they started circling me. The chanting got louder and louder. It seemed like it was some kind of ritual.. I then had been lifted into the air. I felt parelized. I couldn't move. My head feel back and i felt like I had fallen immediately into a deep sleep.. I woke up shortly after to find myself chained to a stretching board. Emily then spoke in a deep voice.. not just any deep voice. her voice sounded demonic. But I was not worried about her voice. I was worried about how I was going to get the hell out of this ****ing house. I then saw cora pull a switch and I started feeling my body.. all my bones slowly separating.. I was being stretched. But then it stopped.. I had looked down just to see Emily walking towards me with a dagger in her hand. She then placed the dagger to my stomach and slowly cut into me. Slicing me open. I screamed but no one outside could hear me, there was no hope for me. I then yelled at Emily "at least make it quick you *****" seems she or.. it did not like being called a *****.. they then took out my intestines and that was the moment I new it was the end. I then felt myself drift off. Dying of such blood loss. I then was choking on blood as I raised threw my throat. Emily then said in her deep creepy demonic voice, time you die.. "*****". I then woke up screaming. Thank God it was just a dream I said to myself after I got a good scream out. My roommate was awake. Standing in front of the closet and at the moment I need I had to leave. I packed my stuff and got the **** out of that house. I now know what lays in that house. And it was nothing human. Whoever or whatever is in that house is haunting everyone inside it. But they do not notice for it has made them blind to the signs. As I was driving I ended up at the house. Again. I knew I was driving the right way. OH HELL NO! I said to myself. Emily then waved slowly threw the window with her eyes rolled back in her head and in that moment it was over. I heard a whisper behind me. Then I bolted out of my car and made a run for it. Soon enough I got away from that house and called a Uber so I can go home. I fell asleep in the Uber then I had been woken up by the driver as he said we're here. I gave the man his money and jetted inside feeling safe at last. My name is Jessica and this is my story.

Story is told by evelyne rose