I just moved to an old apartment, its temporary and i had no problem with it

People started telling me rumors that the apartment was haunted by a dead soldier, i didnt believe that since i never felt anything

Everyday is a daily routine, alarm, wake up, eat, exercise, go to work, go home, eat, and sleep

My alarm is the most important one, it makes me awake fast since its loud

I had a nightmare though, about a man with heavy chains wrapped around his arms and legs, face beyond recognition, arms and legs twisted in abnormal ways, coming near me as i couldnt do anything then i woke up to my alarm

Wait...my alarm is a ringing tone...i heard clanging chains...i checked the clock "12:00am"

My door opened, i live alone, and the clanging chains started to get louder

Story is told by ImWatchinYou


Get tf on.


Ok, thanks


Omg do part two, i actually really enjoyed this. 👏 Bravo bro.