Audio log 2256. Hi this is Dr (loud breathing)dr.sack I have been running for a good two minutes. I am part a secret military base well let me check (peaks over desk) its an s.c.p. Foundation I'm locked in a steel door I'll be good for about 2or5 more hours. How this all started when I got a phone call from a worker here now I new him he said that there was a interrogation here that I would like and I said ok and asked him can I do a audio log on him he said ok that's fine and I said wait what is it on and he said will send u the details later then I said ok. Then this when everything went down hill. Here's the audio log. Audio log 4175 Dr. This is Dr 049. I know who you are Dr.sack Dr. How do know my name know what never mind if it's ok I'm going to ask some questions ok. 049. Ok Dr. We're did you come from. 049. From the beginning. Dr. Ok number two who are you 049. Im the cure

Story is told by unknown