Audio log 1297.Hi this is Dr.Frank Im locked in thousand pound steel door with twelve bolt's. I don't have much time bu (to bolts fall off) oh no I have to hurry up I worck at the s.c.p. Foundation I was called by a worker there that I new he was saying that there was a case there that I would was s.c.p. 049 I actually have audio log of him here she goes Audio log 8356 Dr. This is dr 049. Yes I know who u are this is a test. Dr. I'm guessing u get these all the time. 049. More than u can think of. Dr. I'm going to ask u some question is this ok. 049. Go on Im Listing. Dr. question one were did u come from. 049. I was here Frome the beginning of time. Dr. Ok number two have u mete more of your on kind.

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It was soooooo boring

The Untalented