The lady called over and over.... The voice was so familiar..... Her eyes.... Where has she seen them before?

"No... It cant be" katrina whispered, and the rest of the family glared at her in confusion She knew this lady, katrina knew exactly who this lady was

"Miss Clover " dread swept over katrina and her mouth went dry
"Who is miss clover..?" Jason asked shakily "She was my babysitter when I was young, But I pulled a prank on her once, I knocked over a stupid candle on accident and... Her house.... It lit on fire.. She went crazy and is supposed to be in a mental institution as we speak" katrina was shaking now She always knew that crazy old lady would come to get her revenge

" Its just a house... Nothing to go completely insane over, Plus it was an accident" jason said, He was shaking to now " No it wasn't just a house, The fire killed her son"

Five minutes of painful silence went by, It was only interrupted by the shattering of glass " She broke in!! Hide!! " katrina hissed and ran into the bathroom, Pushing her daughters into the wide cabinets under the sink, Jason hid under the bed and katrina stuffed herself in the closet

There where gentle footsteps coming up the stairs, they where getting closer by the second "Katrinaaaaaa" she called searching in the other bedrooms before she finally came to the one they where hidden in

"Katrinaaaaaaaa" she called again walking around the room in small circles before she stopped near the closet and swung the door open "oh katrina your so predictable, This always was your favorite hiding spot during hide and seek" the old lady said and swug somthing that caught katrina right in the side of her face, Knocking her out

When she woke up it was morning and she had a nasty bruise on her cheek. She shakily got to her feet and steped out the closet and gasped.

Jason was laying on the floor, His face bruised in the same spot, but that's not what scared her, It was the bright red writing on the wall

"now you know what it feels like"

Rose and ruby where gone. The only thing left of them was the sick message in blood on the wall.

Story is told by ALPHA

Lovely Tragedy *Izzy the Physco*

Come to chatttttt

Lovely Tragedy *Izzy the Physco*

Come to chatttttt

Lovely Tragedy *Izzy the Physco*

Come to chatttttt

You\’re Dead To Me

Really good



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