Jason and Katrina had just moved in to they're new house on pepper lane with they're daughters ruby and rose.

It was big change from the crowded city katrina was used to but her husband was sure moving to a smaller town would be good for the family, They could get into nature more, Less crime less people.

She took in her new surroundings. Nothing but tree's and one other house across from them for at least another 7 miles. It was very silent and secluded, with a sigh she helped her twin daughters out of the car and the family entered the house witch smelled like lemon cleaner.

The day had gone by in a flash, With the movers bringing in furniture and boxes, all the rearanging was tiring so pizza was ordered instead of the meal she had planned. Everyone was asleep but her now, as she peered out the window with her sweet tea in hand it was so peaceful... But suddenly somthing caught her eye.

It was an old lady with long, pure white hair, she was extremely pale with emerald green eyes that looked more animal then human. She was standing in the front yard staring right at katrina through the window , she jumped , nearly spilling her sweet tea and quickly closed the curtains.

Did the old lady need help? Why was she just standing in the yard like that? She pulled the curtains back to look out and screamed, The old lady had now pressed her face up against the glass and was chanting

" one two three four I think I'll kill a little more, New neighbors, new blood, my fun has just begun!!!" She cackled quietly and katrina screamed, running up the stairs to her bedroom she shook her husbands shoulders furiously "Get up!! Get up!! This lady is standing outside she is chanting creepy stuff about killing!!"

Jason stirred a bit and waved her off then rolled over but katrina was determined to wake him and gave him a solid slap on the cheek
"OW OW OW what the hell katrina?!" He sat up and scowled at her "We need to call the police!! Now!!" Katrina sobbed just as the old lady started banging on the front door furiously witch woke rose and ruby, They ran into the room and jumped in the bed instantly hiding under the covers screaming about a scary lady at the door.

They tried to call 911 but there was no service.

Then the banging stopped and there was a small, gentle but creepy voice at the door


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