"What!? What is that!?"
As i saw a person in the mirror

The lights were off, we never had a light in the attic, i had to go to the attic because i have my toys there, but when i stared at an antique mirror...i saw someone, "i cant see...too dark...who are you?"

No reply

The figure is just standing there, staring at me

I was alone and had noone to babysit me since i was old and responsible enough, i just stared at the figure as well in the mirror since i was scared that something might happen if i take my eyes off it

It started to creep me out

But my saviors came,mom and dad, i ran as fast as i could and made it out safely, i told them that there was a figure in our antique mirror...they appeared shocked

But my mom and dad replied..."we dont have an antique mirror...only an old clear glass"

Then we heard footsteps in the attic

Story is told by ImWatchinYou


awesome. Love your work.


\"Then we heard footsteps in the attic\" Oh god




Damn...It was awesome