🎶 Never thought I could get this far
Never thought I could be who I am today
Always told that I wouldn't make it
Always told that I should be afraid

Never knew who I really was
Always told I couldn't be more than a follower
But soon I became the one getting followed
Always tried to escape
Never knew where to go
Never knew what to do next

Always tried to be like someone else
Always afraid of being myself
Always taught it was a crime to be successful
Always taught to hide in the shadows and be afraid

Well I said no
I went out into the daylight became someone more than I ever though I could be
Enjoy life a little bit more every day
Always strive to be someone bigger, than the people you followed when you were afraid

Find your place in life
Find where your happy
Find your daylight dream and follow it
Make the most out of every day
Wake up tomorrow and take even just one step in the direction of your dreams🎶

Lyrics By: Lauren Forrest

Story is told by 💄Lipgloss💄






Aww i love it its so inspirational <3