1 - The Creepy Angel Statue

So, this creepypasta story goes that, a couple hired a babysitter to watch their kids 'cause they had to go out or something. When the babysitter arrives, she finds that the kids are already asleep. Feeling bored, she decided to watch TV. There was this creepy angel statue that was bothering her 'cause it seemed like it was watching her. Crept out, she called the father and asked him if she could move the angel statue somewhere else 'cause it looked really creepy. A few seconds of whispering and the father replied, "Get out of the house with the kids. We don't even have an angel statue."

When the couple arrives home, they find the babysitter lying dead halfway up the stairs. When they went into their kids' room, they found them bleeding to death. And...in the middle of the room...was a creepy angel statue grinning and waving at them before melting into the ground.

2 - Slenderman

Slenderman is a creepypasta character who is about 8-10 ft. tall and preys on young kids. He lures young and innocent kids into his forests or wherever he roams (who knows if he has a fixed house address) and then kills them. He eats the hearts of the kids 'cause it makes him "stronger" and more "evil". But poor guy met his death when he ate an immortal prince whose name was TT. TT disguised himself as an innocent little girl. After Slendy lured "her" into his forest, TT jumped on poor old Slendy's back and ripped off his tentacles. After that, Taco, I mean TT, snapped Slendy's neck, killing him instantly. (Hope this doesn't get me grounded Matthew lol)

3 - uhm....I need an idea for this one...comment down below your favorite creepypasta and tell me if I should make it funny or creepy at the starting or at the ending. I'll include the name of the person whose creepypasta I choose lol.

Story is told by Casablanca


Great story

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I like your icon picture. this is one of my favorite online storys on the app




You know what....I'll write another one like this, but with like 5 or 6 creepypastas. I'll make it creepy and a bit funny.

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