It all stared when I was only 10. I was used to sleep alone every night. And every time between 12:00am to3:00am I would wake up ,it may be the leaves from the trees ,someone crying or singing ,some piano sad sounds or as if the water drippings from the tap . Well then when I wake up I go around the house to check in ,well my house is quite big and some of the parts are darker then others,i don't really go there because sometimes it feels like as if someone's there to grab me into the darkness were I can never come back the night it happen, I almost woke around 12:00am that night I went around checked .As I was coming in my room to go to sleep I saw this shallow in the light ,thought it was my younger brother but as I came closer the shallow would walk away I walk to my sitting room then down stairs , got my phone because it was dark there , turn on the flash there was this door that we never really used . I pushed open the door .inside was things like photos of family other relative ,toys,old other things that we really didn't use .suddenly I heard piano music. Which was in this room behind me as I turned, I saw the it was empty I slowly came near to it I set there the seat felt very warm as if someone was here as I was going to put my fingers on the piano I saw some blood stain it was still wet...

I turn and saw this woman with white dress ,open hair, little grey coloured skin
She told me to stay away and to leave the house because it was here and no one can take from her...and the next I remember that next morning in the same room but everything looked normal .

When the night came the same thing happen . Till now I see her every night it's happening.i cant escape it I got into the darkness ...

Story is told by Closed chapter

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Shayashta Stallone

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