Let me start out by saying that when I sleep, I have half lucid dreams. When I say this, I mean that I make active decisions in my dreams and I remember my dreams vividly when I wake up, but I don't always realize that I am dreaming when I'm dreaming. This is the case when the dreams are especially realistic. Because of this, my nightmares become that much more terrifying. For instance, one nightmare in particular that I experienced a while back involved a man with a scalpel. It's hard to remember because it was years ago, but it was one of my worst nightmares. It started out in my house. I remember feeling uncomfortable like I was not safe but I could not explain it. Then, I heard screams from the other rooms in my house so I exited my room to see what was happening. My house was a two story, three bedroom, two bathroom house. All the bedrooms were on the top floor where mine was closest to the stairs. Almost the same time I exited my room, I saw a man I didn't recognize. His face had no emotion. Before I could notice anything else about him, my surroundings changed. I was in a dimly lit street. He was barely visible between the streetlights and when he came to the light, I finally noticed that he had a scalpel and was freckled by spots of blood. Fear swept over my body. I spent the next (for what felt like) three hours running from him, hiding from him, and banging on vacant homes for help. He always knew where I was. He always caught up to me. I was slower in my dream for whatever reason. I could not escape him. The most chilling part is that after many failed attempts at escaping without my dream changing or ending, I gave up on escaping. As he caught me, he half smiled an emotionless smile, grabbed his scalpel, and I can still remember the cold blade running across my neck. I felt calm and peaceful because I didn't have to worry about running anymore. I remember closing my eyes and in the next moment I was awake, in a state of panic with cold sweat. I realized that I had a lucid dream where I was killed. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night after that.

Story is told by LazyGame