One night i felt really thirsty so i woke up and headed towards the kitchen with my eyes blinking in the dark. Somehow i noticed to see that one of the windows were open in the kitchen.I left the fridge door open and went to the open window to close its curtains. While doing so i saw a big mango tree right infront of me. I wasnt sacred until i saw a woman in the tree,staring at me with her horror black eyes.She didnt look like she was a woman at all,she had worn nothing because her long creepy hair covered her body.That lady's legs were swinging in the air and her toenails were dripping blood..
My heart started pounding faster then before and i ran away from the kitchen with the fridge door open.About morning my mom asked if i was eating something from the fridge yesterday night..'Not at all.why?,'i asked trying to find out what she meant.
"Curious..I saw a woman eating all the meat from the fridge.she looked as if she was hungry..,"said mom and i ran to check the fridge with her behind me.
When i opened that fridge "Do u no wat i saw?" I saw my dad's head lying in the corner with the blood spilled all over the fridge..
It was my mistake,I left the window open for that thing....

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Story is told by Shayashta Stallone



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Shay..u r ur stories..