It was three in the morning. A time where demonic shadows cast upon the walls and haunted dolls come to life, but that didn't stop Melissa Mavis. Melissa was always fascinated with the paranormal but never knew soon she would be the paranormal. Melissa woke up shaking though, she didnt know why. She peered over at her clock that ly on her bedside table. '3 am' she muttered.

She hopped out of bed and threw on a robe. She rushed out her front door into the forest in her backyard. She went to the big rock she had always gone to when she wanted to get away from home, sat down, and pulled out a tattered, old, slightly burned piece of paper and set in on the rock in from of her.

Melissa chanted a chant she had made, using cursed words from all sorts of languages. And then the paper lit up in flames, but not any normal flames, those flames were special. Cursed some say. She stared at the paper as if she new what was about to happen next, then a huge demonic black figure started to appear, coming from the paper.

Melissa saw the figure and darted behind the giant rock in fear hoping it would protect her. The figure didn't see Melissa and it disappeared. Melissa was shocked. She jumped up and started staring at the rock. The figure came out. It look Melissa right in the eyes as said one sentence to her, and one sentence only. 'Find the 3 objects and bring them back to me before it strikes 5 am or your soul is mine.'

Melissa was terrified, though she looked the figure in the eyes anyway and shook her head up and down several times. She knew this task wouldn't be easy but she knew it was one she had to complete. Melissa dashed toward the abandoned house below the hill hoping to find one of the 3 objects she needed. After a while, she entered the house... Or what was left of it anyway... She dashed beneath the staircase and came out with a tigers tooth. 1 of the 3 objects.

She looked at the tooth in her hand and felt qweasy. Then, she firmly grasped it and ran to the piles of logs behind the house. She started climbing the logs one by one until 'ow!' Melissa shrieked. She had pushed her hand onto something sorta sharp while climbing the logs. She pulled the sharp object out and it was an engraved ring. It had 'S & F' engraved on the ring. 1 of the 3 objects.

Melissa rushed down the logs and to her house. When she got inside she ran up to her room and lifted up her mattress. Under her mattress ly a dark teal feather almost like one of a peacocks. She grabbed it and checked her clock. It was 4:42 am. Melissa scurried to the big rock in the woods with all her items in hand. It was now 4:56 am. She waited and waited then at 4:59 am the shadowed figure burst through the piece of burnt paper that ly on the rock.

She figure didn't say anything, just had a stone Cold look on his face. The girl shivering and sweating in fear walked closer to the rock. Melissa took a huge gulp and handed the shadowed figure the objects while saying 'Here you go....................father.'

PLOT TWIST!!!!!! :D Hope you all enjoyed this story I'm writing it at 3 am ironically. Loool. Comment if you like it or for a part 2!!!

Story is told by 💄Lipgloss💄


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