I don't know why it's so but it seems that I'm the only one in my family who goes through these experiences. It happened to me a few months back, when I was in Shimla (a hill station in Himachal Pradesh) with my family during my summer holidays. We stayed there in a house which my father had booked for 10 days. It was a strange and somewhat a frightening place. It was old yet larger. When I stepped inside that freaky house, I felt someone's presence. At that time, I was a bit scared. I tried to express my fear which I felt to my parents. But they were not really convinced. One night when I was still awake, I heard a voice of a lady who, I think, was trying to lull her child to sleep. The voice was so clear and melodious that I still remembered some of the wordings. But who was she? I went to look for the matter as I could not wake my parents up. I was shocked when I saw a smoke like thing coming out from one of the rooms. I moved forward to clarify the matter. Then again I heard her voice. But this time, the voice was more irritating and painful. Just then the smoke like thing took the form of a lady who was wearing a white saree. It happened so fast that it was just a blur. Everything disappeared and there was silence all around. After this incident, I pretended to be unwell as this was the only way which could compel my parents to go back home. And it worked. When I was back, I told everything to my mother but, like always, she didn't believed.

Story is told by Sshachi


Thanx Ami