I wasnt feeling well on my first prom night when i went to the hall with my best friend Rayn as my prom partner..
I told him that i needed a break from dancing in the floor as he agreed i rushed out of the hall in the forest where there were all lights on the trees.
It was sparkling and i took out my phone to take pictures. There on the tree as i raised my phone,i saw a man sitted on the branch and staring at me with his scary green eyes ..he had black spiky hair and pale face,at that moment i froze and dropped my phone staring at him while he jumped down from the tree ..
He approached me and picked up my broken phone "im sorry if i sacred you,"he apologized in a deep scary voice and handed me my phone .i replied in a soft voice "its okay," and he smiled "its not safe for a human in the forest at this time ,"he said and searched everywhere in the forest .As soon as i could ask him anything else he left in darkness ..while walking back in the hall i looked back and saw him disappear in the woods ..
I attended the other students in the hall and we started with our celebration..
The next day Ryan came in my house while i was just about to brush my teeth..
"Look at this,'he showed me the newspaper inside my bedroom."whats this?,"i asked and he told me that a man has gone missing in the woods yesterday behind our prom hall.
I saw the newspaper and caught that freaky man's picture.
I told Rayn that i met that guy but he didnt believe me because that newspaper said that he went missing 10 years ago..
At that moment i froze and read the newspaper again and again. His name was William Dame and he was 17 years old when he disappeared.
At night when Rayn left,i searched William Dame's missing issue on google and i found it.He had a mother who was a drug addicted..On his prom night he came in the forest and went missing from there..
Some people said that William has been seen many times wandering in the woods.then i saw a text posted by a girl named Emily before she died.she posted that when she first met William Dame she started to have nightmares and receive different types of messages from William even though she didnt gave him her phone number. She had written that William started meeting her everyday and one day ..thats what she wrote and than i saw her dead pictures. She had her stomach ripped out and her organs were half eaten ..there was blood everywhere And she had no eyes..
"Hello,Alice,"called a deep man's voice behind me inside my bedroom..i turned around and saw William Dame standing right beside my bed..his green eyes were filled with horror and his pale face was like a creature not human and his red lips were very watery..soon i realized that his lips was filled with blood ..

Story is told by Shayashta Stallone

Shayashta Stallone

I no..dis was first try ...so enjoy reading the other stories..🤗🤗


Its not good but its not bad, very messy storyline

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Stallone this is really boring


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I dont know if you guys will like it but thats my best try to write horror on public..