(This is a story of me wayy back when i was grade 7)

It was a very hard time for us because we were evicted from our house for not paying our rent, it was really hard to find another house to live on, so our only option was an apartment, a red apartment.

It was a studio type room,ya know, 1 living room 1 bathroom 1 kitchen and thats all
We had 3 dogs at that time and they were to sleep in the laundry part of the apartment, we were in second floor and we were the only ones in the second floor, people was on first floor, it was only a 2 floor apartment so the top of us was already a rooftop.

The first 7 days was fine, it was quite enjoyable for it was comfy and had a good internet signal, we were beside a forest, and they built a large telecom tower so our internet speed was like 5 mbps, my father had to go to work so when i go home i am alone.it started to feel eerie in the 8th day, goosebumps all over my body at night, strange figures at night, but i shrugged it off as my imagination, but a fact ruined our hopes of comfy life a bit, a room before us was a vacant, it had a free aircon so who wouldnt go there, the thing is that... a japanese broken-hearted suicided there, staring at its window already kills me, he hanged himself there because of a girl leaving him along with his money, and sometimes i feel like someones walking in our hallway, it is not creepy if its day since our first floor neighbors go to the rooftop to hang their wet clothes but at the middle of the night is very creepy.

The worst is what im going to tell
I was trying to go to sleep since i was bothered by this glimpses of figure, im like an on and off camera, but i eventually fell asleep, minutes later i was awaken...not just me...but my father as well, we both are hearing it, them, children running in our rooftop in like 2am, loud running footsteps, we can estimate there are 2-3 of the there, our dogs are barking, you may be like "its just the kids from first floor"

The only kid in the first floor is a 5 months old toddler

Story is told by ImWatchinYou