The entire time Zoe was in the clearing Dark was close behind. Hiding. He saw everything. He knew everyone Zoe killed and new how she killed them. He was stalking Zoe, waiting for the right moment to Kell her. When Zoe exited the clearing, Dark followed not far behind.

Zoe looked all around her to make sure the coast was clear. She was paranoid. Zoe let down her guard yet again even though that's what almost got her killed in the fist place and climbed a tree feeling as though someone was watching her. Dark saw her climb the tree but Zoe didn't see him. He decided to climb a tree nearby to keep a better eye on her.

They were in the trees for a few hours when suddenly 'BANG'. Zoe knew that was a gunshot but from whom? She wondered. Zoe climbed down the tree and started running west bound. Dark followed, unnoticed with his epic ninja skills. Zoe hid in a huge bush. After awhile of hiding she peeked through the bush and saw who had the gun. Ricket. Zoe's first instinct was to shoot him from inside the bush but things changed when Dark fell out of the tree above the bush where he was watching Zoe.

He landed right on top of Zoe. Ricket heard the loud sound and walked slowly towards the bush, gun in hand. Ricket got closer and closer until........ Dark popped out of the bush looking desperate. Dark instantly gripped Ricket's gun as hard as he could then he shoved Ricket over with his foot, stealing his gun. Dark instantly peered at Zoe who looked to be already dead and aimed the gun at Ricket.

Ricket still on the ground after the fall, kicked Dark so hard Dark spun around and as Dark was falling he pulled the trigger and killed Zoe who was starting to stand back up. 'Oh shit man.' Dark said. Ricket stood back up, grabbed his gun and ran off. Why he didn't shoot Dark? Nobody knew. Dark was stunned Ricket didn't shoot him. Dark, shook, stood up and ran North bound.

(Vanessa thanks for wording this story you did. To you credit goes.)

Cat, Dark, Ricket, Dan, Mary, or Destiney

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