Well.. I didn't really expect to encounter this, honestly I still think I was just imagining it under all the sadness and stress. It keeps turning in my mind, and it's only been an hour.

My cousin passed away around 4 hours ago, and when we heard the news, hell broke loose. Half of our relatives were stuffed into our house, people were sobbing, remembering, cursing our bad luck. Me? I loved him a lot, we were close, so his death hurts as I write this. A lot.

Anyway, I left, because honestly, all these relatives of mine were cruel and annoying as crap, so I left them and came to my room, where I'm writing this. I cried for a good half hour, and when I got up, I went to go wash my face.

After coming out, I was rubbing a towel against my face when the back of my hair just..stood up. I couldn't put my finger as to why, and I whipped around.


I looked around, and by my door, standing there, was my cousin. My DEAD cousin. I just stared, and stared, and stared. Then rubbed my eyes, and he was gone. I put my towel back, and felt a weight on my back, like someone was hugging me.

I turned around again, still no one. Then I saw something, just a flicker in the corner of my eyes, then it was gone.

This all happened a good hour ago, like I said, and I'm still confused as to how, so clearly, I saw a figure that looked ike my beloved cousin, and how I felt as though an unforseen force was weighing on my back. It's confusing, the only reasonable thing I cn think is that, because of how much I miss him, I imagined this.

Maybe it was my imagination, or maybe, just possibly, it really was my cousin, giving me a final goodbye? I still don't know, so I'm just going to think it was a figment of imagination, but honestly? I'm kind of wishing it was really him.

Story is told by Maximum Ride


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