A Long Time Ago In 1862 There Was A Young Girl Named Belladonna. She Was An Outsider And The Only Black Person In Her School. No One Not Even Her Parents Who Were White, Treated Her Properly. One Day Belladonna Killed Her Parents With An Ax In Their Sleep. She Shot Her Enemies In Their Sleep Too. 2 Days Later, Belladonna Slited Her Throat And Died. Belladonna Goes Around The United States To Kill People Who Don't Treat Black People In Their Sleep. There Are 3 Ways To Avoid Being Killed By Belladonna. The First Way Was To Say A Creepy Prayer And Once Your Done You Cut Yourself. The Second Way Was To Drink A Whole Bottle Of Liquor Mixed With Wine. The Last Way Was To Kill Person And Eat Their Organs And Drink Their Blood. Hopefully, You Won't Go To Asleep Tonight

Story is told by JasOf1920